College IQAC Cell

The College has the opportunity to constitute IQAC cell with an objective to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution. Simultaneously rather it has an objective to promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement. With such prospect the college has constituted IQAC with following members as listed below-

1 Chair Person – Prof. (Dr.) Pravin Kumar, (Principal)

2. Co-ordinator – Prof. Diwakar Kumar Pandey, (Deptt. Of Philosophy)

3. Member of Local Sociaty – Sri. Brijnandan Yadav ( Ex. Minister , Govt. of Bihar)

4. One member of Student Sociaty – Sri. Vishnu Dewal

S/o Sri Bisheshwar Yadav, (Class M.Sc., Physics Roll no.- 268, Session 2017-19)

5. Alumni Representative – Sri. Shrawan Kumar,

Members of Academician

1. Prof. (Dr.) V.P. Vidyarthi, (Ex. Principal)

2. Prof. (Dr.) J.P. Yadav ‘Amal’, (Ex. Prof. Incharge)

3. Prof. (Dr. ) Jay Prakash Yadav , (Dept. of Economics)

4. Dr. Rabindra Kumar Sinha, (Dept. of English)

5. Dr. Shyam Sundar Singh, (Dept. of Philosophy)

6. Dr. Sarita Kumari, (Dept. of Political Science)

7. Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Yadav, (Dept. of Sanskrit)

8. Dr. Brajesh Prasad, (Dept. of English)

9. Dr. Ashwani Kumar Jha, (Dept. of Psychology)

10. Dr. Anumala Singh, (Dept. of Philosophy)

11. Dr. Shailesh Kumar, (Dept. of Physics)

12. Dr. Babloo Kumar, (Dept. of Chemistry)